is a four-day, ONLINE event taking place Friday Oct 30th - Monday Nov 2nd - to celebrate the Samhain Pagan Sabbath and bringing you an array of virtual vendors and artists, each with their own special sales and exclusive offers for this event. 

Vendors will be posting and selling from their own platforms and online shops, and using the hashtag #thornandmoonvirtualmarket so that you can easily search social media and find all the participating vendors and their offerings.

There will also be a schedule of events posted each day for additional online activities - livestreamed workshops, classes, performances, and tarot readings. 

There are THREE WAYS to attend and shop the event:

Find information and links on the Facebook event page - CLICK HERE

Search participating events and vendors on Instagram by searching hashtag #thornandmoonsamhainfestival


Here on our website at:



10/30 - 7pm Eastern / 6pm Central - Hauntwell - Design Magick 101


A walkthrough of the various ways art and design principles can be applied to ritual and

everyday magical practice, including sigilcraft, color magic, visual and spatial concepts,

and other kinds of art & crafting. Pay-by-donation.

10/30 - 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central- Goth Yoga Houston - Yoga Class

via FB Live - Register here -

Goth Yoga is a celebrated yoga practice that introduces dark themes, curiosities of the macabre, and unique ways of self-expression. Enjoy a gentle meditative yoga practice with a spooky soundtrack during the Thorn and Moon Samhain Festival.



10/31 - 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central - Circle of Crows Coven - Calling Down Lilith 

via FB Live -

A ritual evoking the dark goddess Lilith, in honor of the Samhain Sabbath

and the thinning of the veil. Performed by local coven members of Circle of Crows. Free to virtually attend and observe.

10/31 - 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central - Bewitched Burlesque - Variety show and striptease featuring

Belle be Damned,Valentina J'Adore, Ghoulia Child. and Athena Sapphire, hosted by Carmina V'Avra

via Twitch TV -

Tips appreciated! Venmo: @pamandabelle  PayPal:



11/1 - 4pm Eastern / 3pm Central -Roy Williams of Spring Heathen Fellowship -  Oneiromancy

via FB Live -

Oneiromancy / Dream Magickal - Learn about the history, practices, guide and practical understanding to controlling your dreams. FREE LECTURE.

11/1 - 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central - Laura Tempest Zakroff - Tea With Baba Yaga

via Zoom. Tickets available at :

Baba Yaga is the quintessential Witch of folklore - originating in Russian and Slavic folklore, yet providing inspiration for magical practitioners everywhere. In this combination workshop/ritual, we'll cover magical resistance techniques and receive some guidance and empowerment in how to best use them in our lives today.

11/1 - 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central - Matthew Venus - In the Garden of Thanatos - Magical Herbalism for Conjuring the Dead

via Zoom - tickets available at

In this class we will discuss the history and folklore of various woods, resins, and herbs used in funerary, ancestral, and necromantic rituals. We will further discuss the practical use of such plants in ritual, as well as how to incorporate them into our practices for conjuring, preserving, feeding, or expelling spirits of the dead.



11/2 - 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central - Spirit Raven - Abundance Money Pot Workshop

via FB Live -   

Donations appreciated:


Kitchen Witch Magick! Learn how to create your very own abundance spell / money pot using simple kitchen herbs and commonly found items around your home.

11/2 - 6pm Eastern / 5pm Central - Absolem Yetzirah - 

Lifting the Veil and the Hours of Twilight

via Zoom - Tickets available at:

Detailed discussion on the art of lifting the veil for spirit communication and seeing into the great beyond, and how to utilize the powerful magic of the hours of twilight at both dusk and dawn in relation.


Thank you for visiting our schedule of events page! Please check out the various occult and oddities vendors and artists participating in the 4-day Samhain Festival, each offering sales and specials, on our Vendor page HERE


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