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About Us


Thorn & Moon Markets are carefully curated, ever-changing events at various Houston venues featuring special guests, DJs/performers, local artists and artisan vendors, many of the mystical or occult variety, full of positive vibes and a beautifully haunting aesthetic.

It is a social event / meetup for those in the pagan, metaphysical, and Dark underground community, for like-minded people, or anyone interested in a unique new perspective or meeting interesting new people.

There is so much to see, network, learn, and shop!

Magickal vendors! Amazing artists! Oddities! Witchcrafted goods! Jewelry! Food truck! Local handcrafted artisans! Mystics and Tarot Readers! Goth Yoga class! Absolutely unique items you won't find anywhere else...and much more!!!

Come stop in for a spell!


Your gracious hosts, Thorn and Moon Apothecary, can also be found at their boutique in the Houston Heights located at 113 E. 24th Street , Houston TX, 77008

or online at their website:

Instagram @thornandmoon

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About Us

Welcome to Thorn and Moon Apothecary, where you can find many magickal items for the eclectic witch. We create unique items for ritual use by both the coven and solitary practitioner alike, using carefully selected high quality organic herbs, essential oils, all-natural ingredients, and ethically obtained woods and other found natural ingredients. Our items are witchcrafted and ritually infused and charged, with much research and thought put into every creation, as well as being made with positive energy and focused intent on the purpose of the items.

With decades of practical experience in the craft, astrology, the occult, herbalism and rootwork, I create and use these items for our own magickal purposes, and now invite you to use these cherished recipes and goods for your own practice, to further connect with nature and the elements, to your higher self and the magick residing within yourself. My shop's purpose is to share my gift and grow the magickal community, offering ritual tools to celebrate the Sabbats and to honor the gods and goddesses of the old ways.


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